Studies of maneuver

Our approach to security, is strongly conditioned by the needs of our clientele. Chemical and industrial sector requires us to a series of requirements that cranes Geneva we adopted as standards in the delivery of our service.

Thus, we are pioneers in the implementation of the drafting of studies of maneuvers as one more step on the path to excellence in safety. We give a key role to the planning and design of the maneuvers in a secure way from even gathering the data in work.

To do this, train our technicians starting with the knowledge of the machinery with which we work: identifying your applications, assimilating the characteristics of each machine, learning good work practices, recognizing the mechanical limits, knowledge of its use and maintenance... From this fundamental basis, the knowledge and the experience is join in the execution of the design of manoeuvres that we request our customers.



Our work enjoyed a great reputation among our customers because of the thoroughness applied editorially. CAD computer programs are used for this, and CAE, in which we support to simplify the work and minimize the risks of security and at the same time, reduce the economic costs of our customers.

We can write any type of engineering study that aims to advise our clients in the execution of the work required: dimensioning of anchor points of media of lifting, sized spreaders or useful from lifting, determination of internal stresses on the hoisting equipment.

Previously we will inform this execution of the maneuver which is going to be the influence of our team on the work area, especially exercised on-the-spot reactions and the potential for interference with the place where work will be developed in order to assess their impact.