Philosophy in HSQE

The aim of our company is to get an integration of the prevention of risks in the same management of the company, seeking to achieve the same in the promotion and effective protection of the safety and health of each worker.

The goal is not only to improve the safety of the personnel of the company training, but ensure, for each appropriate about the risks involved in their job, and the adaptation of its characteristics to the of the job assigned workers, training, and information.


Given the orientation of our company to the petrochemical sector since its inception, we have been adopting a way of working and a few standards in PRL that today day are in practice in the most natural way. Our occupational risk prevention management system responds to a series of essential features: 

  • As a whole-the model includes all the activities of the company; the interrelation of the functions of the various departments of the company requires to have a joint vision of the same.
  • Opportunity-actions involving the application of the management system of prevention of occupational hazards They must be made at the right time, so that they have the desired effectiveness.
  • Efficiency-the pursuit of the achievement of objectives You should be done after having analyzed the origin of the problems, not its effects.
  • Integration-it is necessary to analyze the impact of each action derived from the management system of prevention of labour risks on the whole of the company.
  • Quantification-continuous monitoring of indices is necessary to assess the achievement of the objectives set.
  • Periodicity-goodness of the occupational risks prevention management system It should be reviewed with default, a methodology and a recurrence, which will assess the successes obtained and correct defects and deviations.