Training in occupational risk prevention

In GRUAS LEMAN, we are convinced that in the occupational risk prevention begins in the training of our staff, so we devote a major effort to scheduled training activities aimed to remember and raise awareness of the importance of working safely.

So we have developed an own agenda, which is in continuous review and added that chapters periodically, with the intention of preventing risks in the most committed tasks. The PRL technical plans and imparts training activities, some of which are detailed below:

  • General procedure works with GMA
  • Use of slings and lifting of loads
  • Regulation of gestural signs
  • Radius of action
  • Mounting and dismounting nib
  • Load balances
  • Mounting and dismounting basket
  • Mounting crane chains
  • Works with basket hook
  • Good practices in the slinging.







Additionally, external prevention service, imparts a minimum annual training action in our facilities. Eventually, and when so required, are scheduled extraordinary training programs which are frequently based on analysis of an incident happened. In these sessions, put in common the different points of view and warns of the appropriate corrective measures to put into practice.

Due to the nature of the work, workers frequently are alone at the time of the provision of the service. So we thought suitable form to all our workers at the basic level of prevention of risks labour, and therefore, at any given time, they have sufficient training as to act as prevention resources in any situation.