We, a family


Thus we consider members of Grúas Leman, a large family consisting of more than one hundred people. Many of us apparitions to this company since its founding, there nearly forty years. In the experience and professionalism of this group, gained over the years, are our foundations.

Today, we are proud of the frequent incorporation of our son in the organization. At Grúas Leman, we see this as a sign of the degree of involvement and satisfaction with our company, while reaffirming the concept of family. Thus, we can guarantee a renewed to continue to provide quality service enthusiasm.  

Training and experience

With this starting point, we have made continuous training one of the cornerstones of our company training. Thus we have in our organization of professionals in our industry, are recognized as true leaders in their areas of professional development

This commitment of training is reflected in the creation of our own school to instruct mobile crane operators and boom lifts, with the official approval granted by the Ministry of Industry for both the formation for our own staff and externally.





Also, and as a reflection of the commitment of Grúas Leman with our  and our customers HSQE tasks, our staff is properly trained in occupational risk prevention and regularly receives training actions to reinforce this training.

The commitment to compliance with the quality standards, have led us to the determination of the functions to be developed in each position of the organization. However, are  frequently scheduling  interdepartmental working groups with the aim that all voices and opinions are taken into account. This implication is what motivates us every day.