Quality policy



Our vocation of improvement in the service to our customers, prompted us to the adoption of a model of management according to the standard ISO 9001:2008, to submit to the rigorous test of audit AESQT in which we obtained a four star rating and the implementation of a quality policy, which is based on the following premises:  

    • Know the needs and expectations of our customers.
    • Provide uninterrupted service and responding to requests quickly.
    • Promote safety in our services through professional experience and continuing training in prevention of occupational hazards of our staff.
    • Ensuring the safety in our services through the use of a modern fleet of vehicles, maintained properly and regularly.
    • Get the improvement of production processes and the orientation of these towards the satisfaction of customers and the staff.
    • Involving our staff, with their contributions, in the pursuit of continuous improvement, thus achieving an added motivation.
    • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements that may apply us.