Today, only a few companies are able to respond, in terms of safety, with a comprehensive and reliable solution as Grúas Leman. Security is one of our prime objectives. We understand that training of our staff is paramount in this regard and this objective turn many material and economic efforts.  Even so, we believe that this training is not sufficient but comes backed by a concept in which Grúas Leman is clearly distinguished from our competitors, the experience.

"Safety is not a factor, nor even a task. Security is and should be part of the very nature of any company"

In Grúas Leman, the quality when we are talking about safety is not negotiable, and the efforts and involvement are not discussed . In our company, the approach to security is not the obsession of a Department; Security is the Foundation on which each and every one of our processes are based. Certifications, external and internals audits, but especially an integral approach is resulting in   excellent results in security that manages our company. Results that are undoubtedly based on the following basic points: 

    • The quality of our human capital, their training and experience.
    • In a modern and perfect state of maintenance machinery park.
    • The quality and rigor of our lifting plans.
    • Security is not spending, It is investment and profitability.
    • The philosophy of "continuous improvement" as the cornerstone